Apr 12, 2009


Silkygril is one of the cheapest brands available locally with quality that’s above average, and I’m glad they are doing something to increase their product range. Wherever we go we can see silky's product,the price is cheap and certain people wonder, is their products quality is good because the price is cheap and it is made from Thailand. Here frens, the target market for silkygirl's product is teenagers who are still studying and youngsters, if the products are expensive students are not affordable to buy, hence they sell in a good range of price and they using low-cost strategy, so that everybody can afford for it. I think that if their quality is not good people wont be a loyal customers and they wont go for it. The price, quality and the products which is up-to-date for the trend makes the alliances group to sustain till now. The company spends a lot for advertising, we can their booth in Jomheboh!, in TV and everywhere we go. This makes people to be aware about their existences in the market and they come-out with montlhy promotions to be competitive with the other cosmetics company by attracting more customers.


safuraa said...

hey, silky girl product are cheap. eventhough i am not the users, but feel like it is a good brand and good quality and in a reasonable price. nay,thank you for your comments on my blog.but please do give me a comment on my new URL -> http://margoldmas.blogspot.com/as

Suhana Zabor said...

yes silky girls is the cheapest wit quality product =) it is cheap but stil have quality with it. good for experimenting..hehehe

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