May 3, 2009


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Roll On

I think most of you do have a perfume, unless u re sensitive to it. SilkyGirls's Eau De Toillet is very famous too because the smell is long lasting.....and perfume which is very expensive is suitable for a party or dinner i think silky's for men and women is suitable to use for daily like students when going is long lastinf trust me....and the Roll-On Perfume is easy to keep in our wallet because it it packed in slim bottles.....U may keep it and use whenever u need it......
Roll-on Perfume ConcentrateYou can keep yourself smelling fresh and sweet even when you’re on-the-go all day with this Rool-on Perfume Concentrate. Comes in a collection of 5 fresh fruity and floral scents. This roll-on perfume ensures that your scent stays true to you for 6 to 8 hours. Packaged in cute slim transparent bottles, you can easily slip them into your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

The famous four....

hello i observed in MMU most of the gals is using SILKYGIRLS products...and i believe this is because its affordable by students and their quality is my frens who was wondering about the quality coz its cheap, its not because of their quality is bad their price is cheap...its bcoz their target market is teenegers and they focusing on low cost strategy and SILKYGIRL sponsor a lot in advertising and sponsoring for artist to make the public to be aware about their presence......the most famous product in silkys prroduct is their eye shadow, lips sheer color, roll-on perfume and the silky white pressed powder. If u look around we can see that most of the teanegers are using silky'd product and according to Guardin and Watsons staff they said that usually silky's product is consumed frequently and the sales of the product is great.In my opinion i think that, if the quality is not good people wont go for it...


hiii my dear the journey of doing this assginment i look around for information....its a great opportunity for me coz most of my frens and mmu gals is using silkygirls products....and one of my fren said silky lips sheer color is good....and she said she had a dry lips before and she tried the lips sheer color and she can see the changes that her lips is better than before and her dry lips is gone....u may try it dears....

Kisses Fun Gloss Lip GlossA wet and fun gloss with a hint of color.Tastes delicious with lip-smacking flavors. Enriched with Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and moisturized. In a cute little tube that goes everywhere with you. Available in 5 cool shades.

Made in....

hiiii...most of u thinks that silkygirl products are made from thailand.....this is not as post early silkygirl products are not from single company, but it is from a alliances group...which the corporate group alliances with loreal, avene and other cosmetics.......not all the products is made from thailand, the are differ. SilkyWhite powder is from Thailand but their fragrance perfume is made in Malaysia and certain products are made in Brunei...u may look at the packaging of silky's product whr it is orginated

food foe skin....check it out

1. Dry skin is often very rough. To soften the skin, adding some vitamin A is good as it slows aging and reduces spots. Spinach, carrots and zucchini; dairy products such as butter, cheese and milk; and walnuts and sesame seeds are good sources of vitamin A.
2. Step 2
However, spicy food can soak up moisture from the skin and roughen it. Refrain from eating salty, hot food as well as too much meat. Meat sometimes takes too long to digest and uses a lot of circulatory blood in the process resulting in inadequate resilience.
3. Step 3
Drink lots of water and eat fruit. About 50-70 percent of our body consists of water and a lack of this can worsen unwanted facial wrinkles.
4. Step 4

Oily skin
Vitamin B is very good for the oily skin. Cow, pig and lamb's liver is the best food to get raw vitamin B. Also eel, seaweed, milk, cheese, egg yolk and rice are good sources of vitamin B.
5. Step 5
Refrain from eating fats and sugar. These are especially bad for oily skin. Fried food, cookies, chocolate or candies will just worsen pimples on your cheeks.
6. Step 6
Keep a regular lifestyle: Sleep well and eat well. Oily skin is usually genetic but in many cases, unbalanced eating habits, stress or a lack of sleep can result problems.
7. Step 7

Sensitive skin
Bananas, eggs, milk, some meats, fish and liver are some of the most effective foods for this skin type. Too spicy foods can stimulate and heat up the skin, so people with sensitive skin should refrain from eating them.
8. Step 8
Drink Oriental herb tea: Schizandra or lycium Chinese fruit tea contains bioflavenoids, which strengthens the blood vssels, which
is good for people with weak capillaries.

Apr 17, 2009

Tips & Tricks

My dears worried about make-up, izit ur first time dun worry...hehhex here are the tips and tricks....

Tips four ur eyes...:-)

When applying eye shadow, always start from the bottom of upper lids nearest to the lashlines and blend upwards. Use the lighter shade as a base and the darker shade as your main eye color. Applying dark colors at the outer corner of eyes will give a lifting effect for droopy eyes.after finishing wif the eye shadow,start by lining the inner corner of eyes with a thin line, gradually thicken as you line towards the outer corner. Choose a black liner for a more dramatic look and brown for a natural look

Here are tips for ur lips....;-)
Perfecting your Lips Contour

Smaller Lips Apply foundation onto lips to camouflage them. Outline your lips with a lip liner within your natural lip line and fill in with a lipcolor.

Fuller Lips Outline your lips with a lip liner just beyond your natural lip line. Apply your lipcolor and finish off by applying lip gloss to the center of your lips.

Apr 12, 2009


Silkygril is one of the cheapest brands available locally with quality that’s above average, and I’m glad they are doing something to increase their product range. Wherever we go we can see silky's product,the price is cheap and certain people wonder, is their products quality is good because the price is cheap and it is made from Thailand. Here frens, the target market for silkygirl's product is teenagers who are still studying and youngsters, if the products are expensive students are not affordable to buy, hence they sell in a good range of price and they using low-cost strategy, so that everybody can afford for it. I think that if their quality is not good people wont be a loyal customers and they wont go for it. The price, quality and the products which is up-to-date for the trend makes the alliances group to sustain till now. The company spends a lot for advertising, we can their booth in Jomheboh!, in TV and everywhere we go. This makes people to be aware about their existences in the market and they come-out with montlhy promotions to be competitive with the other cosmetics company by attracting more customers.

Mar 15, 2009


Always cleanse, tone and moiturize ur face....

keep ur make up minimal and be natural ...

Eat healty food always....
Skin is very important organ in our body and skins needs a special if we want a healty glow... here are few food types that should be taken in regular basis:-
Almond, Avacado, Lemon, Bleuberry and Stawberry,Tomatoes, and beetroot.Be healthy and stay healthy forever...

SilkyGirl Duo Eye Shadow

Eye-mazing eye colors to liven up your eyes. Comes in an array of matte, shimmering or glittery finish. Shades go from earthy and pastel to vibrant hues. Ultra-fine texture for a super smooth application.

SweetHeart Eau de Toilette

A sparkling floral blend that addresses the
young women of today - confident and independent. SweetHeart is a mosiac of citrus freshness inlayed with oriental floral bouquet, followed by highlights of sweet woody and musky notes.

I think this is something sweet and long lasting.....Most of the teenage girls love to use it.....I hav tried it before and i feel its true tat the smell is something sweet and it it not very expensive, everyone can afford to buy it.....


TIPS: To Be More Healthy
BREAKFAST-have u all ever thought about it , why do we need to take break fast
ehmm...breakfast means breaking our long hour of fasting, whr after ur dinner and night sleep
What can u get from taking breakfast everyday:-here are the tips

It keeps you slim: Breakfast eaters are less likely to be overweight than breakfast skippers, and successful dieters are also more likely to be breakfast eaters.

It keeps you healthy: Eating breakfast may reduce your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer, and it strengthens your immune system so you're more resistant to common ailments like colds and the flu.

It keeps you sharp: Memory and concentration get a boost from breakfast. A study on children found that kids who eat breakfast score higher on tests and are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity.

Mar 1, 2009


Drink atleast two liters of water everyday to maintain healty skin, as well as to prevent dehydration. Remove all ur make-ups and wash ur face using facial foam before go to bed. Sleeps before clock hits the mid-night, your eye bags will be gone after a few days...try iy out...

Silky White SPF15 Pressed Powder

Mostly if we see, girls like to use pressed powders but they sometimes din't really know what suits for their skins. Here are some tips about silky White'spressed powder, there are two types which is SPF15 pressed powder and another is lightening pressed powder SPF15. Silky white SPF15 is specially formulated for Asian skins,Silky White SPF 15 Pressed Powder is enriched with SPF15 to block harmful UV rays and lightens skin tone. It is an ultra-fine powder that is blended with moisturizers to give your skin a flawless and radiant matte finish. This cute peach color compact is handy and convenient to carry around. It also comes complete with mirror and puff, which is ideal for touch-ups.Whereas, lightening pressed powder is oil-free matte finish powder leaves skin looking even, flawless, youthful. It is suitable for all skin types and gives a very delicate yet sophisticated appearance.

Feb 14, 2009



The Alliance Cosmetic Group is a leading distributor of cosmetics and personal care products which is made from Thailand.Other than Silky's cosmetic product and Silky for Men fragrance,the brand portfolio also include Revlon cosmetics, Avene skincare and Elancyl interested in this product is because, SILKYGIRL offers a complete range of high quality color cosmetics that will meet the needs of discerning consumers in both the urban and suburban markets.SILKYGIRL’s brand personality is fun, young, colorful and exudes confidence. The core promise of the brand is delivered through the latest color trend and high quality specifications of the products.Apart from introducing the SILKY GIRL women’s fragrances, the Alliance Cosmetic Group also introduced the Silky for Men fragrances; bringing on board Malaysian heartthrob Mawi into the Silky family.

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