May 3, 2009

food foe skin....check it out

1. Dry skin is often very rough. To soften the skin, adding some vitamin A is good as it slows aging and reduces spots. Spinach, carrots and zucchini; dairy products such as butter, cheese and milk; and walnuts and sesame seeds are good sources of vitamin A.
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However, spicy food can soak up moisture from the skin and roughen it. Refrain from eating salty, hot food as well as too much meat. Meat sometimes takes too long to digest and uses a lot of circulatory blood in the process resulting in inadequate resilience.
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Drink lots of water and eat fruit. About 50-70 percent of our body consists of water and a lack of this can worsen unwanted facial wrinkles.
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Oily skin
Vitamin B is very good for the oily skin. Cow, pig and lamb's liver is the best food to get raw vitamin B. Also eel, seaweed, milk, cheese, egg yolk and rice are good sources of vitamin B.
5. Step 5
Refrain from eating fats and sugar. These are especially bad for oily skin. Fried food, cookies, chocolate or candies will just worsen pimples on your cheeks.
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Keep a regular lifestyle: Sleep well and eat well. Oily skin is usually genetic but in many cases, unbalanced eating habits, stress or a lack of sleep can result problems.
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Sensitive skin
Bananas, eggs, milk, some meats, fish and liver are some of the most effective foods for this skin type. Too spicy foods can stimulate and heat up the skin, so people with sensitive skin should refrain from eating them.
8. Step 8
Drink Oriental herb tea: Schizandra or lycium Chinese fruit tea contains bioflavenoids, which strengthens the blood vssels, which
is good for people with weak capillaries.

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